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The search for Frank all around the world. I Like Frank is the first multiplayer game to mix online players with players on the streets. Worldwide!


The search for Frank
13th March 2004
The search for Frank in Adelaide...
...is now over. Thanks to everyone who joined in online. If you played and managed to have a Street Player collect a postcard for you, then please email your player name & postal address to us.

If we have a postcard for you, it'll help us make sure it gets to you.

For further informations in german, please click here!

Frank worldwide

About the project

I Like Frank in Adelaide is created by Blast Theory in collaboration with the Mixed Reality Lab at the University of Nottingham.

Blast Theory have been brought to Adelaide by Adelaide Thinkers in Residence through the Dept of the Premier and Cabinet, Adelaide Fringe 2004, m.Net, South Australian Film Corporation and Australian Network for Art and Technology and Dept of Education and Children’s Services,

I Like Frank in Adelaide is created with support from Internode, Australia Council for the Arts, Technology School of the Future, Australian Film Commission, Arts SA and Dept of Further Education, Employment, Science and Technology.

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